With effective
energy management...
Recognize potential
and put it to good use!
Clear and
Increase value
and maintain assets.
With future-proof
energy concepts...
Exploit opportunities
and avoid risks!

We make the energy in real estate easy to understand.

Real estate is full of energy - acon Energie Management GmbH can make it more comprehensible to you. We provide guidance and ensure transparency while enhancing efficiency and supporting you in all phases from planning to implementation. Our goal is the appreciation of your real estate’s value and the maintenance of assets within an economically sound framework. We have the pertinent technical and property management know-how and serve as your point of contact for integrated, economically viable solutions.

Our Services:

bullet-redConsulting and conception
bullet-redAnalyses and expert assessments
bullet-redPlanning and building management
bullet-redAcquisitions and operations

Our service is responsibility