How you profit from our services

With a real estate and energy market that is in upheaval and not at all transparent, our primary goal is to preserve both the value and the function of your properties. With a clear mind, thoroughness and due diligence, we look at our client’s situation, point out any problems and illustrate the challenges that the future might hold.

Frequently, necessary measures are not being carried out because problems aren’t recognized and correlations aren’t made. This is something that we want to change. We consider ourselves as an independent referee between various interests. It doesn’t matter whether you are an owner, investor, property manager/administrator, architect or engineer, for us modern energy management entails the development of sensible and economically viable solutions. This process begins even before the sourcing of an energy supply and doesn’t end with the insulation of your building facade.

Each project holds opportunities and risks at varying levels. And each client is pursuing a different goal. acon Energie Management offers neutral analysis services and goal-oriented consultations. We prepare customized solutions and offer conclusive recommendations for your decision making process.

Why we work for you:

We recognize that energy is becoming ever more expensive. Traditional forms of energy such as oil, gas, wood and coal are finite and increasingly being replaced by renewable types of energy. In the meantime, incineration facilities, heat pump systems and state-of-the-art insulation options are reaching ever higher levels of effectiveness. But what does this mean for you and your property? Is it necessary to realign your energy strategy? What do your tenants think? What’s important to owners/investors?

We evaluate current market developments and forecasts with the requisite detachment and objectivity and recommend the best-suited solution for your particular situation. Ill-conceived and superfluous measures are not part of our strategic vision. We strive for perfection and think ahead. Our objective is to earn our client‘s trust and avoid expendable investments.

To provide comprehensive energy consulting services in terms of technical means, innovative building materials, compliance with legal requirements – as well as economic and ecological considerations - requires extensive expertise but also experience in implementing this know-how. The team of business professionals, engineers and lawyers that acon Energie Management GmbH makes available to you will take a holistic approach and prepare cutting-edge, detailed solutions. What distinguishes us from our competitors is our readiness to think outside the box and operate as though we were acting on our own behalf.

Services marked by a high degree of professionalism

At acon Energie Management GmbH, we have high expectations of not only ourselves but also our partners. This pertains to reliability, adherence to schedules, the quality of services rendered as well as the dovetailing of underlying values.

We offer exhaustive solutions for complex issues. We consider energy as a basic need and see property as a place for work and recreation. Only when both aspects are brought into unison can positive synergies - for all parties - arise. We give a new profile to energy.

Quote by Markus Conrad:

“In my opinion, the most important thing is to win over clients with perfect service and outstanding quality while also ensuring that our projects are delivered on time. In the process, we do more than just what is necessary and spot-on, indeed, we make sure that our clients are fully satisfied. At acon Energie Management GmbH, we adopt an interdisciplinary approach and look out for the best interests of our clients; we view ourselves as prudently operating advisers and service providers.”

Markus Conrad, January 2013


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